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Trying to find that work life balance.ย 


I havent managed to post in months, since my second post to be exact  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I was so determined to make blogging my new passion, my way to release my worries and share good times, but since returning back to work in September I have been… KNACKERED. 

I started this blog in the summer holidays, with extra time on my hands and a life to myself. But as a teacher, like most of us find, this life has been somewhat lost since returning to the classroom. I am now in my third year of teaching and although some things have gotten easier, more responsibilities and a particularly difficult class has left me drained. I seem to work all hours and when I’m not working,  I’m stressing about work that I have still to do. I find myself feeling guilty about stealing an hour relaxing with my boyfriend or going out with my friends, because I have books to mark,  data to input or lessons to plan (amongst the rest of it!) and I am actually really organised! The list is just never ending. Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely adore my job. I love the children as if they were my own and I wouldn’t change what I do for the world. I am sure other teachers out there feel the same, that finding that work life balance in this career is difficult and on my quest to think about which direction my blog should go, I am becoming more inclined to write about my mission to find that balance.

So…I am going to get thinking about what us teachers (and other workaholics!) can do for our wellbeing and good ways to simply switch off for a little bit. 

I have some reviews to come (that I’ve been meaning to write for ages!) alongside some of my own personal experiences with diet and exercise, fashion and some other posts that will hopefully just make people smile.

I’m looking forward to posting again! 

Tarah for now ๐Ÿ’•

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